Item Name: Notes and Enclosure Design 104

Description: These beautiful sets of stationery are from our Notes & Enclosures collection and is letterpressed on Crane's 110# Lettra white or ivory paper on antique presses at the Haute Papier studios. Return address printing is available in matching fonts, but flat ink only (some envelope colors don't allow the return address to show up, so they won't be available).

Choose the design as shown on this sample, or mix and match to create your own. Your choice of paper color (white or ivory), envelope color (carnation pink, hot pink, wine, red, orange, yellow, lime, spruce, peacock, agua, sky blue, navy, grape, lavender, brown, black, gray, dove, ivory, white), ink color (sage, cherry, mint, blueberry, citrine, peace, peacock, blue taffy, pool, aqua, olive, cucumber, violet, watercress, poppy, navy, tangerine, gold, eggplant, sunshine, forest green, lavender, chestnut, papaya, mustard, salmon, bubble gum, berry, silver, cantaloupe, magenta, coral, charcoal, fuchsia, cranberry, licorice, taupe or cornflower) and design/monogram/font and lining design (check here for options: (check here for options: Liners).

Note Cards are 4.5" x 6.75"
Enclosure Cards are 2.5" x 3.75".

Pricing: Enclosures without envelope lining:
25 for $65
50 for $120
75 for $165
add'l 25's: $52.50

Notes without envelope lining:
25 for $75
50 for $140
75 for $200
add'l 25's: $65

Add for Envelope lining:
25 for $37.50
50 for $75
75 for $112.50
add'l 25's: $37.50

Return address printing for notes (flat ink only):
25 for $45
50 for $85
75 for $120
add'l 25's: $40

Product Code: 16247-HAUT-NE104

Supplier: Haute Papier

Estimated Delivery Time:
2-3 weeks

Ordering Information

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