Item Name: Acute. Go to Ivy + Anchor for all designs and monogram/color options.

Description: Personalize your cell phone with these stylish, customized cell phone covers. This design allows you to choose from 4 personalization styles: Circle Monogram, Diamond Monogram, Initials or Script Name in a color of your choice (fuchsia, hot pink, ballet, coral, warm red, red, perssimmon, tangerine, sunshine, chartreuse, grass, sea, aqua, jewel, mint, peacock, robin's egg, sky, ocean, marine, navy, white, light grey, dark grey, black, beet, eggplant, or chocolate). Great gift for anyone with a cell phone! This design (background colors only as shown) comes in a variety of product types including the Sleek or Tough Iphone 4/4S, I Pod 5, Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Note, S5. The folding ID case (folding with space to carry ID) for the Iphone 4/4s, 5/5s and Samsung S4. Also in a neoprene laptop sleeve (13" or 15").

Pricing: iPhone 4's & 5's Sleek (no rubber insert): $50
iPhone 4's & 5's Tough (with rubber insert): $55
iPhone with Kick Stand: $60
iPhone with folding ID case: $57
Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 Sleek (without rubber insert): $50
Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 Tough (with rubber insert): $55
Samsung Note 1 & 2:
Tablet Folding Cover: $72
Tablet Mini Folding Cover: $68
Tablet Regular Cover: $75
Tablet Mini Regular Cover: $70
Tablet Regular Folding: $72
15" or 13" Neoprene Laptop Sleeve: $40

Product Code: 14606-DABN-DL 02

Supplier: Dabney Lee

Estimated Delivery Time:
2 weeks, plus shipping time from New York

Ordering Information

You have the choice of contacting us directly to place your order, or you can build up an Order List before contact. To build your Order List, please enter your quantity, personalization, ink color (if applicable) and any other specifics noted under "Pricing" for each item. Upon checkout, a Clark Stationery consultant will contact you to finalize your order, confirm details, select shipping, etc.