About Us

For All Occasions/Clark Stationery began in 2002 after talking to a friend in the same business. I thought I was gathering information to pass along to another friend trying to start a business, but I loved the idea of the paper and working with people at mostly happy times in their lives I couldn't get it out of my head. With a full-time job, two active boys and a husband that traveled, I was a little crazy, but it sounded fun. It didn't take long to make it in to a full-time business.

Helping people plan weddings, throw parties, pick out birth announcements and personalized stationery is such a treat for me. I go to the National Stationery Show in New York every year to try to find the most interesting and innovative ideas for new stationery and other new products. My taste tends to be more contemporary rather than traditional or country and I think you will find that in the companies I choose to represent. I'm also very value-conscious, knowing that most of my customers would prefer to get a good product for a reasonable price. (Although like any retailer, I'd love to have customers that price was never an issue!)

I love working with paper and helping people find exactly the right thing, even though they have no idea when they start their search. I love that this business has been word of mouth and I strive to give each customers every service possible.

There are so many products, it is impossible to post them all to a web site to start with, but I hope you will check back here often for new products and if you don't find what you need you'll contact me.