Item Name: Color Drops Blue with text

Description: These double-walled thermal-insulated tumblers come with a lifetime guarantee. They are dishwasher and microwave safe. The double-walled technology allows your beverage to maintain it's temperature longer, helping hot drinks stay hot and cold drinks stay cold with very little or no condensation, no need for a coaster! This design is available text in Basic, Handwritten, Notebook, Poster or Script fonts. Tumbler comes with coordinating inside detail (shown on the top of the tumbler in the graphic).
Tumbler sizes available are:
Classic 5" x 3.75" and holds 16 ounces. No lid is available in this shorter size
Traveler 6.5" x 3.38" and holds 16 ounces. (most popular size). Lids are available for this size.
Elite 7" x 3.33" and holds 15 ounces. Lids are available for this size.
Monday Coffee 5" x 3.86" and holds 18 ounces. This style has a handle. Lids are available for this size.
Super Traveler 7.25" x 3.75" and holds 22 ounces. Lids are available for this size.

Lids are available in black, clear, navy, pink, lime, teal, green, red or blue.

Pricing: Classic, Traveler and Elite are $16 each. Add $3.00 each for a lid (specify lid color).
Monday Coffee and Super Traveler are $19 each. Add $3.00 for a lid (specify lid color).

Product Code: 15635-SITU-DRP3TN

Supplier: Tumblers

Estimated Delivery Time:
10 Business days, plus shipping from MN

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